eSignal Partner Webinar featuring Don Bright of Bright Trading LLC

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eSignal partner webinar from May 2, 2012: Professional Trading in 2012, Easier than You Might Think. Presented by Don Bright (Director at Bright Trading, LLC) and the Bright Trading team. About the Webinar: The Bright brothers formed Bright Trading in 1992 to trade equities professionally. Don will present on how to start trading for a living and take your trading up a notch, so your bottom line can be greatly enhanced. Rob Friesen will present on Pairs Trading with eSignal. He will explain what a pair is, how it's constructed and how to use eSignal to recognize equity pair characteristics, as well as how to categorize pairs, what timeframes to look at and how to increase the odds of successful trades. Dennis Dick will present on learning to trade in a high-frequency trading world, as well as trading tactics for "click" traders. Cash Coyne will present on how to prepare for and act on news in your trading. Cash's forte is analysis of the many market-related news items, a must for serious traders.


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