Trading Economic News without Risking the Farm

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Economic news announcements can rock the market, producing wild swings in price. Traders may look for opportunity around these events, hoping to capture a profitable ride in a very short period of time. Unfortunately, for all the profit potential these events may offer, the risk is often times equal to, if not greater than the opportunity. When trading in leveraged markets such as futures or forex, the risks associated with an adverse move are multiplied and can, and often have, not only wiped out a traders capital, but left them sitting with a negative balance and calls from their broker demanding additional funds.

During this webinar, we will discuss vehicles traders can use to have absolute control over their risk, without the fear of ever being stopped out or worse, going debit, while still having the opportunity to find profits.

Please join Dan Cook of Nadex as he discusses limited-risk contracts and strategies traders can use around market shaking economic announcements.

Recorded Thursday, December 18, 2014