How To Trade Forex Using The Ichimoku Cloud

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In this exclusive live event, veteran trader Andrew Keene teaches the tool set behind what he believes to be the best technical indicator in the world: the Ichimoku Cloud.  Keene credits ‘The Cloud’ for his success trading stock and options off-the-trading-floor, but through research discovered Ichimoku works best in Forex Markets.

  • What is the Ichimoku Cloud and how it is constructed
  • What is the Forex market and why it is good to trade
  • How to use the Ichimoku Cloud with Forex with the right time interval.
  • Learn how to use the cloud and technical analysis to take the highest probability setups with the best risk vs. reward ratios.

This workshop will cover the components of the Ichimoku Cloud and how they apply to Forex markets (no prior Ichimoku knowledge required), as well as an overview of the Forex market and the unique opportunities it offers traders.  The workshop goes on to cover how to use the Ichimoku Cloud in Forex markets, selecting the correct time interval, and technical analysis for forex markets.  Finally, the workshop offers traders an easy-to-use, 5-step plan for trading Forex using only high probability setups offering favorable risk versus reward setups.

About the Presenter

Prior to founding in 2011, Andrew Keene worked as a proprietary trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.  Keene graduated from Botta Capital’s clerk-to-trade program to become known as one of fasted traders to ‘make a market.’    As a market maker he traded options in over 125 stocks, including Apple, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, and Yahoo.  Keene left Botta Capital to co-found KATL Group, where he was the largest, independent on-the-floor Apple trader in the world. 

Andrew currently actively trades futures, equity options currency pairs, and commodities.  He regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and Fox Business.  His first book, Trade to Win Using Unusual Options Activity, Volatility, and Earnings currently available from Wiley Publishing.  

In 2015, Andrew began regularly contributing to CNBC’s Trading Nation, where he focuses on educating viewers on equity options markets and the trading insights they provide.

Andrew received a B.S. in Finance with a concentration in Accountancy from the University of Illinois.