How to Spot Accelerations in Stocks and Options

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Joinn Price Headley as he packs 20+ years of trading experience into a fast-paced, 60-minute, "cliff notes" summary of his top strategies that are still consistently producing results in today's markets.

Attendees at this exclusive webinar will receive an insider's look at his unique style of trading from his top options strategies and money management techniques all the way along to how he uses his preferred technical indicators, including his proprietary Acceleration Bands, on stocks and options, plus you can apply these techniques to forex and futures too.

Spotting the big trends doesn't need to be complicated, but what it does take is educating yourself on unique ways to scan and filter to find the top trends and increase your trading efficiency.

That's why you're invited to join Price for a live webinar on Tuesday, March 17th at 4:30 PM ET as he shows you "How to Find Accelerations in Stocks and Options!"


Price will share exclusive BigTrends active training including:


•How to See New Big Trends, Whether You Trade over a Few Days, a Few Weeks or Longer

•How to Use Acceleration Bands to See the True Breakouts (and Skip More “Fakeouts”)

•Review Case Studies on Winning and Losing Trades, Showing You What Works Best in This Market

•Learn How to Use Option Charts to See Which Options Are Moving the Best

•Trade Cleaner Trends with the Efficiency Ratio and Much More!


Plus, we'll take some time to discuss the outlook for the stock market as a whole and learn what the next few months hold.



About the Presenter


Price Headley was inducted into the Traders' Hall of Fame in 2007 and is the founder of, which provides investors with specific real-time stock and options strategies and investment education to profit from significant market trends.

Price appears regularly on CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg Television, and in a variety of print and online financial news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily and USA Today. Price also speaks regularly to investment audiences nationwide and is a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder and Chartered Market Technician charterholder.