The Vigilante Investor's Bulletproof Options

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Wall Street legend, TV and Radio's "Money Man" Daniel Frishberg demonstrates his secret weapon in the sideways market battle. Dan's special technique teaches investors and traders how to all-but eliminate risk from option trades, while getting other market entrants to "pay him rent" on the stocks he owns. Eventually, he other winds up collecting 3-8% per month in "rent" or owning great stocks at deep discounts. This strategy suits the needs of both, the daily revenue-seeking day-trader and the long-term buy-hold investor and can be applied globally, not just with American stocks.

About the Presenter

Known to Television viewers and Radio listeners for years simply as “The Money Man”, Daniel Frishberg begins a New Chapter in his storied career as THE VIGILANTE INVESTOR.

Why use such a strong term as Vigilante?

Because Dan Frishberg makes his own rules, his own economy, and his own world and he not only knows that this freedom is yours for the taking…but he is on a mission to show you how.

In simple terms, Dan doesn’t care about Wall Street and Washington or the incestuous relationship between the two. You can find out more about Dan and his strategies at: Wall Street

His personal success story is all the more intriguing, as he grew up in the “projects” on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, served as an enlisted Marine Machine Gunner from 1962 to 1965, attended NYU by scholarship, supported himself trading silver contracts, and has since earned countless millions for himself and the many highly educated people who surround him. Dan Frishberg has served as a trusted advisor to many of the most famous and respected investors of our time.

His hit books, Escape from the Herd, and Investing Without Borders, published by John Wiley, accurately forecasted the current international and domestic market that are so profitable for his subscribers and students.

Dan can also be heard on terrestrial radio each weekday at 10AM EST on his seminal “MoneyMan Report”.