Finding the Right Stocks with VantagePoint and Larry Williams Premium Indicators

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4.26.2017.  In this video, I cover SVU and AOBC, two stocks that VantagePoint predicted would see a market reversal several weeks ago.  Once a trader has entered the market, they can look to manage the trade with the help of VantagePoint's extremely accurate short term forecasting.  This allows traders to adapt to changing market conditions rather than feel lost on what to do next.

  • Williams EMAI - Longer Term, models large, smart money traders.  Works off divergence from price action.
  • Williams PSI   -  Medium Term, tracks Professional trader sentiment.  More reactive to price, used to confirm signal from EMAI.
  • VP Neural Index - Short term, 48 hr forecast.  Earliest signal to trade from once Williams Conditions are both met. 
  • VP Predicted Strength - The "raw" value of the neural index.  Slopes of P-strength can be used as a intraday tool, used in conjunction with VantagePoint's predicted highs and lows to identify intraday, buy and sell levels.
  • VP Predicted Moving Averages - moving average weighted with predictive data that gives traders an additional technological edge which leads the market.

If you would like to learn about Larry Williams indicators and VantagePoint's forecasting ability, contact Market Technologies.




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