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Featuring VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software.

Greg Firman Videos

Three times a week Greg Firman will be showing trades he has taken or trades he will be taking. This is a great way to see how a full-time trader makes their trading decisions, evaluates risk vs. reward, etc. Greg has been using the VantagePoint trading software since 2005 and continues to profit from it and that is how he makes his most important trading decisions.

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Darrell Jobman Videos

Every Thursday at 3pm ET Darrell does a live webcast where he analyzes various markets and shows successful trading strategies for today's global markets. Each webcast will teach you something new that can be put into practice. For trading strategy development he will be using VantagePoint trading software, a program he personally uses to trade his own account. If you could not make the live event or want a refresher, these videos will be very worthwhile for you.

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VantagePoint Software Trader Videos

How would you like to be able to forecast market trends with up to 86% accuracy? The real traders featured in these videos have, and they’re telling their story and sharing how VantagePoint can make your trading results more profitable. Watch and find out how investing in this technology, with two patents pending, can translate into real profits.

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Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Videos

Technical analysis is used to predict a trading instrument's performance based on the past price history and its trading volume. The main tool in predicting this performance is the study of a price chart. These presentations utilize methods based on price and volume transformations. Indicators such as relative strength, moving averages and regressions figure prominently in the examples. As a statistical valuation method, the only variables considered in technical analysis are price and volume.

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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis Videos

Fundamental analysis involves evaluating a security based on measuring its intrinsic value by examining related economic, financial and other qualitative and quantitative factors. In the following presentations, TraderPlanet analysts discuss the attributes that can affect the security';s value, including macroeconomic factors and economic and industry conditions and company specific factors such as financial condition and management.

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Intermarket Analysis

Intermarket Analysis Videos

This type of analysis considers the price action of related market sectors and includes currencies, commodities, bonds, and stocks. The following recordings reflect discussion based on the premise that all markets are interrelated and impact one another.

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VantagePoint Videos

VantagePoint is the first commercial intermarket analysis software in the world for PCs that analyzes global interconnections of financial markets and provides trend direction forecasts that are based on how markets affect one another. These sessions feature VantagePoint prominently for the chart visuals and demonstrate its patent-pending neural network predictive analysis.

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