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Since our predecessor site launch in 2005, our contributing writers have been featured in Forbes, Reuters, CBS MarketWatch, and Bloomberg TV among others.

TraderPlanet offers active traders and long term investors original market analysis, commentary and trading ideas on a daily basis. We run short articles in our Markets on the Move area of the website and longer stories in our Features section. TraderPlanet also publishes a quarterly digital online trading educational publication: The TraderPlanet Journal.

TraderPlanet invites financial market professionals to explore contributing original articles for our active trading audience. We seek experienced traders, analysts and financial writers to contribute original articles to our site. We require that article contributions are original, written for TraderPlanet and not published elsewhere.

  • TraderPlanet publishes articles relating to the financial markets, active trading and macro-economics.
  • Our content is aimed at beginning, intermediate and advanced traders across all markets.
  • Articles need to be educational and non-promotional in nature.

We are interested in articles covering the following areas:

  • Market Outlooks on stocks, options, commodities, ETFs, forex
  • Technical Analysis
  • Trading Strategies
  • Trading Psychology
  • The Business of Trading
  • Money Management
  • Issues Relating to Technology and Trading
  • Trading Education
  • Trading Systems
  • Personal Finance

For more information on our editorial process, please see our Contributor Guidelines.

Other Details

In order to apply to become a contributor, please submit links to recent financial market writing samples and include a short outline of a proposed topic idea.

Our contributors achieve a high degree of visibility and free publicity. One live link is allowable in your bio area. In exchange for this exposure, we simply ask that you comply with our Terms and Conditions. If your submission is selected as a Featured Story or Market Mover commentary by our Managing Editor, we will also feature your work in the TraderPlanet Today e-newsletter which distributes to 250,000 subscribers daily (Monday – Friday).

How to Proceed

If you are interested in writing for TraderPlanet.com, please prepare the Contributor Application Form below.

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