Author: Shane Achurch

From Full time Job to Full time Trader

David Galtieri gives a firsthand account of ten challenges he faced when making the transition – and how he met them.My interest in the share market began about 14 years ago, when I received a letter from Commonwealth Bank...

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The CFD Revolution

Daryl Guppy brings you up to speed on where CFDs originated, how they have evolved and how you can make CFDs work for your trading.In the beginning    The history of CFDs (contracts for difference) is a story of...

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Four Roads to Wealth

Four Roads to Wealth Keeping your trading plan on track with Robert Miner. Inexperienced and unsuccessful traders often make the mistakes of over-complicating the trading process and/or of implementing some trading idea they...

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Elliott Wave Analysis

Jeff Greenblatt on Elliott Wave analysis – what it is, why it is useful for traders and how it should be used.In recent years use of Elliott Wave analysis has become increasingly controversial. While it has a large number...

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YourTradingEdge Magazine

YourTradingEdge (YTE) is the definitive bi-monthly magazine for traders and active investors covering CFDs, Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex and Commodities. We are not a business journal or a tipster magazine, but an educational...

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