Author: Fernando Gonzales

Precious Metals Update

By: Fernando Gonzalez, EvolutionTrading.netMarch 6, 2010 Enough time has gone by since we have discussed the Precious Metals markets in detail. We left off at or near its peak in late 2009, expecting major pullback, which...

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Rules of Disengagement

By: Fernando Gonzalez, EvolutionTrading.netFebruary 20, 2010Although 2010 has brought in a good dose of volume, action and volatility which traders love, the last several trading days have yielded enough evidence that the market...

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Glorious Opulence

by Fernando Gonzalez,, 2 December 2009 Punctuations, as we commonly know them, are used in literary works as a means to identify and distinguish elements, thoughts, sentiments and ideas in writing. We use...

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Crossroads to Remember.

By: Fernando Gonzalez,, 24 November 2009 The US equities markets have gone into a near comatose state as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches. For almost 2 weeks now, the market has been permeated by...

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Arriving at Half-Time

  By: Fernando Gonzalez,, 8 November 2009 We have arrived at a special moment as US Stocks are now on the verge of having repaired half of the damage sustained in the ’07-’09 decline –...

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Recovery versus Bull Market

Recovery versus Bull Market by: Fernando Gonzalez, What better method could there be to test any stock market’s systemic risks than to experience a real, substantial collapse and thereafter measure its...

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Evolution Trading Newsletter

By: Fernando Gonzalez, October 11, 2009   Over the coming week, the legion of earnings announcements will hit the market and will continue over the next few weeks. Being in the seasonally most volatile...

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