Author: Jeff Pietsch

Change in the Weather?

We’re in the midst of a mid day reversal pattern as equities appear to be losing their mojo. TLT has actually gone positiver for the day after an early smack down. Materials are the hot sector today…both gold and...

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The Bond Situation

We’re seeing some gains in 2o year bonds via TLT but is this a recovery or a pause before a larger correction? Here’s one view. Back at the hourly chart of the new market neutral index QQQ is still holding top slot...

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VIX continues slide

My little market neutral index portfolio illustrates the crumbing VIX (shaded background chart) relative to the larger market. TLT did make a bullish spurt out of the open and the afternoon saw it resume a downtrend in sympathy...

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Looking for Momentum

It looked like there might be a break out to the upside today but volume never picked up and the stalwarts refused to yield more than a modest gain. There are winners within this market malaise, which can be detected by looking...

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Change on the Horizon?

The VIX tested the March low yesterday and popped back up today as stocks gave back gains by end of the day. In the process of closing weak, the short term trend turned down. Technology leaders like AAPL and GOOG also reversed...

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VIX pops 7% as DOW Rises

Following on the heels of VIX’s sub 14 close, the always puzzling VIX rose 7% even as the SPY, DIA and QQQ also rose in unison. The hourly chart of the VIX (shaded background) tells it all. TLT has dropped over 1.25% today...

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Bulls Pushing for a New High

The trading action is painfully slow but the market continues to hold up well after some morning profit taking. We finally had a small red close. Volatility continued to get sucked out as we transition into a grinding market....

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VIX < 14… what?

OK trader buddies…I bet this is something you didn’t think would happen so soon after the Euro, Italian, Spanish, etc crises. VIX slid below 14 briefly today and what’s coming next could be a big move. Volume...

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ETF Rewind – Five Ups | Week 32 | 08.10.12

Week five of consecutive gains, who would have guessed or predicted that just a short while ago? Volatility continues to be quite low and conducive of further gains ahead; however, price action is finally moving into overbought...

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Summer Low Volume Rally

After a weak open on poor Chinese export data, the market slowly grinded higher all day. The dip buyers were eager to chase the small drop and we close in the green again. The market is trading like January to March this year...

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