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Possible short-term high in Silver

9/17/09 – 8:48 am – MST – Silver has reached major confluence area where the reaction line crosses the longer-term ascending center line. Even though Silver has reached this significant area of resistance early...

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Swing trade strategies for 9/11/09

December Gold – Despite signs that the economy may be making a slight recovery, the dollar remains weak and inflation fears are in the air, so investors are still looking for a reliable place to put their money. As long as...

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Soybeans due for corrective rally

9/9/09 – 10:10 am MST – The short November Soybeans ( short from $9.79) traded lower into the projected reversal swing trade date, but failed to reach the target objective. Price action suggests the market is due for...

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Swing trade in Crude oil

9/2/09 -7:15 am MST -In Monday the afternoon issue of the Traders Market Views Swing Trade report I said there was an opportunity for a short-term swing trade in the October Crude oil. I recommended selling a retest of the...

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Update on the long Japanese yen

8/31/09 – 3:30 pm MST –  September Japanese yen –Long from 1.0710 – Last price @ 1.0758  – The sharp decline in global stocks from China to the U.S. supported the Yen, as investors exited...

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Sell pattern in Canadian dollar

8/26/09 – 6:50 am MST – A bear TR pattern (trend reversal) has been confirmed and triggered a sell signal in the September Canadian dollar. The TR pattern is typically a hgh probability pattern. The reverse/forward...

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More about the Japanese yen

8/25/09 – 9:55 am MST -Several markets are trading in choppy sideways patterns right now and it is hard to find anything to get excited abou, especially in the currencies. However, as I was scanning the markets today I did...

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Swing trades August 25, 2009

September Dow Jones – The Dow Jones futures swung from up to down on the day over concerns of more credit losses and that commercial real estate may falter through 2010.  However, I look at the Dow Jones chart and see...

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