Sorry to keep the page blocked for so long. I’m reopening the content but not the site. Thank you to everyone who visited while I was open: a lot of you have helped me grow.If you want to visit another trading site, check...

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Side Project

Two people wanted a newsletter or newsletter-like service. Even though that is a relatively small number, I’m going to give it a shot. If you would like to join, for $1 you will be given access to view CP’s Letters...

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A Check Up

I think it is partially luck, a bit of excess caution, growing confidence, psychological development, and some nice charts, but I haven’t had a losing trade since I tried to trade the after hours emini market several weeks...

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Velocity, Acceleration

It’s really hard to show the “speed” of stock movements without recording trading in action. I’m guessing that’s why most sites don’t talk about the speed of a movement very much. For those...

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Anyone interested in purchasing a daily (weekly optional, for a lower price) newsletter? Each evening, before 9PM PST you would receive an email containing a PDF file, the newsletter. In the newsletter: – I’ll...

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Historic Chart

I found this on my hard drive the other day, and I thought I would share it. If you go to the site mentioned on the image, you’ll find an even more recent chart showing the current decline of the S&P500 P/E ratios (not...

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Motivations, as a friend once told me, are what you need to figure out if you want to understand people. To begin the process ask, “What does this person want?” The benefit of knowing what the other person (or group...

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Another Poker Analogy

In online poker, all the chips on the table have been paid for, and with each subsequent pot the house takes its “rake” (i.e. a small fraction for hosting the game). Any money you make in online poker comes out of...

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