Author: Tim Ord

The Ord Oracle Daily Commentary

Above is an interesting chart. The blue chart inside the SPX chart is the ratio of the Nasdaq volume compared to the NYSE volume. When Nasdaq volume surges compared to NYSE volume then a pull back is anticipated in the S&P....

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The SPY broke (gapped) above the previous high of 5/8 on lighter volume and suggests a false breakout to the upside. Today the SPY pulled back and tested the gap level on lighter volume and implies the gap has support. This...

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Over the last couple of days the SPX has been testing resistance levels of the 200 day moving average and the January high and doing so on decreasing volume and a bearish sign. Also the SPX jumped above the 5/8 high on 28%...

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Proving The Point!

Today: We have showed three gold stocks this week that show signs that their rally is over. When everyone says your hurt you should lie down. When you get this many stocks in a sector all telling the same story you better pay...

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Weekly SPX and RSI

It appears in Intermediate term that the market is building a top and we are short the SPX at 883.82. Usually high volume highs are re-tested and if the re-test comes on lighter it would generate a bearish signal. On 5/20 a high...

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The above chart shows were support and resistance is on the SPX. Resistance lies at the upper Bollinger band (near 930) and at the 200 EMA (near 947). Support lies at the Red trend line which came from the January and February...

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Bottom in SPY? By Tim Ord

The week of March 2 the SPY broke below the 11/21 on very light volume.Breaking a previous low on lighter volume implies a false break to the downside and some point the market should reverse and close above the previous...

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