Singapore Stock Market Updates On 28/7/11

Asia market opened lower as no deal have been made regarding US debt ceiling. Boehner's plan to cut deficit and lift debt limit said to be gaining ground. HSBC may cut 10,000 jobs as part of a cost-saving efforts.

Default fears pound Street hard as investors react to the debt-debate stalemate. Market will be choppy from here. Please trade with due care.
Yesterday evening, Biosensors, the maker of drug-coated stents used to treat blocked arteries said first-net income increased 600% to US$22.6 million from a year earlier.
Another company that reported earnings last night was coalminer Straits Asia whose Q2 11 net profit came in at $39 mln, a 68% increase from its previous year's $23 mln figure.
Earning Announcement Dates
Thurs 28 July - DBS (2Q 11) , SIA (1Q 12)
Mon 1 Aug - Cosco Corp (2Q 11)
Tues 2 Aug - Sembmarine (2Q 11) , SGX (FY 11)
Thurs 4 Aug - Capitaland (2Q 11)
Fri 12 Aug - UOB (2Q 11) , IndoAgri (2Q 11)
Sat 13 Aug - STX OSV (2Q 11)
No short term trading
Mid term trading
Jardine C&C enter 40.70 SL 35.40 (trail at 47) entered on 31th May 2011
1088 HK enter 39.05 SL 33.70 (trail at 35.60) entered on 5th July 2011
OCBC enter 9.80 SL 9.19 entered on 21th July 2011
UOB enter 20.14 SL 19.10 entered on 22th July 2011
UOL enter 5.12 SL 4.80 entered on 26th July 2011
DBS enter 15.25 SL 14.54 entered on 27th July 2011



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