GLOBAL DIGITAL SLTNS INC (PINK:GDSI) Looks Ready to Get Back on Track

After a couple of massive gains, GLOBAL DIGITAL SLTNS INC (PINK:GDSI) fell down again. Yesterday, the stock price GDSI_chart.pngdecreased by 2.04%, while its traded volume rose up.

In any case, GDSI has not given up the fight yet and things might look different today, influenced by the main factors for pumping up a stock - promotions and news.

The campaign was held yesterday when Penny Stock Explosion alerted on GDSI. Along with the stock alert, Global Digital released a shareholder update related to the opportunities that will be presented to the company over the next three years.

The Chairman and CEO of GDSI expressed his optimistic statements about the company's future and its new business opportunities to inspire investors. However, the final results should be seen later on.

Global Digital Solutions provides engineering and consulting services. Last month, the company reduced the amount of its authorized shares but its financial results remained discouraging.[BANNER]

GDSI_logo.pngAs of June, 30 2011 liabilities of GDSI were higher than its total assets, and the company had no cash or cash equivalents in excess of the Federally Insured amounts. At the same time, the stockholders' equity was negative, while the accumulated deficit totaled $5.6 million.

According to the financial report, the company's continuation as a going concern is dependent on its ability to obtain additional financing or to attain profitability. Otherwise, the future operation of GDSI cannot be guaranteed.


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