Fruitless Trade Alert For Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GBHL): Act 2

GBHL_chart.pngShortly after the end of Monday's session, a free trade alert in support of Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GBHL) reached our database. Contrary to what its initiators had expected, GBHL gained nothing on the next day. Now, that same promoter has made a second effort to give GBHL a boost today.

GBHL closed trade last Monday at $0.095, down 7% from its previous close. As it turned out, the subsequent free trade alert did nothing to boost the market value of GBHL stock. Yesterday, the latter remained stuck at its Monday close barely shifting 136 thousand shares of common GBHL stock. So, is the new alert going to make any difference?

On the one hand, the company has issued no official news for quite a while. On the other hand, its 10-K report for the 2011 fiscal year is already overdue, which is why the company has just been relegated to the OTC Pink Limited market tier. By doing so, the company will sooner or later lose traders' confidence.

8GBHL_logo.jpgBased on the facts mentioned above, a mere free alert might not prove strong enough to take GBHL shares to the next level. It did not work yesterday and there is no practical reason to believe that it will do any wonders today.


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