The Show Must Go On

Okay, so I have a big favor to ask. Bear with me over the next few days.

I ran into a little snag on my adventure here in Spain. Just after picking up my sister, brother, and sister-in-law from the Barcelona airport, we decided to do a little sightseeing around town. We headed up to El Palacio de Los Congressas, which is quite old and architecturally quite impressive. Housed inside is one of Spain's national art museums, which unfortunately was closed. So, we tootled around for a bit and then decided to check out another point of interest in the city. We were at El Palacio for about 45 minutes. When we got back to the car, in a public parking lot, in the middle of the day, the car had been broken into and much of what we had in there was taken. One of the items was my laptop. Needless to say, the shock of that is still with me as I type this piece on the tiny, tiny keyboard of my tablet. Mind you, it has no spell check and minimal features, so I will do my best because, as they say, "The show must go on."

In which time frame do you use the Accumulation/Distribution Oscillator? Can I use it for day trading?

As I said when I recently wrote about this issue, the time frame depends on one's trading strategy and style. The key thing to learn is how to use it, and when you do that, you will better understand when to use it. And yes, one can use it for day trading.

What do you know about binary options? I've been trading them for a short time. Started out with a practice account-and "WOW, this is like shootin' fish in a barrel", then switched over to real account and losing my ___. Once you've placed a trade you cannot get out of it. You can take an opposite position and end up losing both! You cannot exit or trade the last 15 minutes giving the brokerage firm time to take opposite position and take all of your premium and not just 28% or so. Getting the firm to send you your money or profit is like pulling teeth.

The above is a lesson for all of us, and the sad part for me is I have no way to help out this gentleman. What we should take away from this is the seriousness of trading and investing in the market. There are lots of "hawkers" out there, folks selling this and that, and one of things for sale is a hot way to trade. I don't know about the specifics in this case, but something does not smell right. As for me, I know nothing about binary options, and I care to know even less. When it comes to trading, I like to keep it simple. I buy and sell equities, and that is it. I understand that other trading approaches offer more profit, more hedging, more money to be made, but I just don't go for it. For me, it is about the numbers, meaning, how much profit can I make. I set REASONABLE profit targets and try to stick to them. I don't get greedy. It is just something to keep in mind ...

Trade in the day; invest in your life ...

Trader Ed


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