Today Will Be A Better Day

Today will be a better day. How's that for optimism, a rosy outlook? I guess I just feel good after a couple of days not feeling so good. A bit of a hangover from the dregs of society violating my family and my personal space. There's just something about that ...

Anyway, the market had an interesting day yesterday. It just goes to the notion that the market wants to go up, as nothing changed in Europe, did it?

Today could be interesting as well, as something changed with Apple -- the company exploded expectations for earnings. Once again, if one listens to the breathless media and the supposed experts, one is bound to trip on the way to the bank. Although much about the report is an eye opener, the numbers about iPhone sales in China point to something important -- the Chinese consumer is not dead ...

Apple also points to something else important, the earnings season is on track to beat expectations, again.

U.S. corporate earnings are actually coming in pretty strong," said Natalie Trunow, chief investment officer of equities at Calvert Investment Management in Bethesda, Maryland, whose firm manages about $13 billion in assets.

Can you hear the tone in her voice? She is actually surprised, which means a professional who manages $13 billion in assets gets caught up in the flow of sentiment generated from where? Where exactly did the idea that earnings season would be a bust originate? I ask the same question for Apple. How does the flow get started and, better yet, why does the market latch onto it? Anyway, today and tomorrow will seal the fate of this earnings season, one way or the other, but I suspect when all is said and done, the market will like it, and then it will go back to fretting about Europe. In the meantime, I have a perplexing question from a reader.

I use Trade Station software and when I called the tech department to get the identification ofthe ADI in order to bring up a chart, I was told they do not have this information.Would you please send the info needed to bring up a chart on this index?

I find this question perplexing because it makes me wonder -- what does this reader perceive that I do? I am sorry, my friend, but I do not have the information you seek.

Trade in the day; invest in your life ...

Trader Ed


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Guest392782: You know, for a guy typing with two digits and an eye patch, you are doing a fine job. Keep it up. If today was good, tomorrow will be even better. Both in the market and in Spain. Stay thirsty, my friend.
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