A Little Level Goes A Long Way

Each day, my team and I produce supply and demand levels for some of the major global markets as you can see below. These levels are meant for both short and long term trading, and are found in the Mastermind Community at OTA. The screen shots below are the supply and demand level grids from Monday Sep. 17 - Thursday Sep. 20. For this week's article, I want to focus on a demand level in the NASDAQ that I focused on for much of last week for our traders as it represents a couple of key Odds Enhancers that were responsible for this week's trading success in that market.

Mastermind Community Supply/Demand Grid Sep 17 - 20

The demand level was in the NASDAQ Futures, it was 2832 - 2838 (yellow shaded area on chart). The specific level itself is best seen on a 5 minute chart of the NASDAQ. As you can see throughout the week, the NASDAQ dipped into this level three times, rallying strong off that level a couple times. Our demand level ended producing the low of that week. What may seem odd to you is that I kept the demand level on the grid for four days in a row even after price touched it once... Continue Reading