Four of The Best

At the time of writing this article, I am just coming to the end of teaching the Professional Trader Class in London. As usual this has been another week of rewarding experiences, with the students learning the true ways in which the markets work and discovering how to carry out objective analysis, create a proper trade plan and manage their risk at all times. One of the most unique aspects of Online Trading Academy's curriculum and teaching approach is that every single one of the gifted instructors who teach for the network, all follow and guide our students in the Academy's unique core strategy which respects the dynamics of supply and demand in the market. However, while this overall consistency is of great benefit to the students we also have the opportunity during our classes to share our very own bespoke experiences with the class, allowing the students to also learn from both the mistakes we made, (so they don't make them too) and also those special "ah-ha" moments when light bulbs went off as well!

During my own trading career, I have been fortunate enough to have been taught and mentored by some of the very best traders in the business, people who we are still lucky enough to have teaching for Online Trading Academy, including our Vice President of Education himself, Sam Seiden. Having had the chance to pick up some truly unique insights into the markets from my mentors over the years is what has no doubt allowed me to grow as a trader and if not for their input, I would not be in the position to now share my own experiences with others. During any class I teach, I always take the time to share with my students the things I learned myself from my teachers and as is often the case with the learning process, there are always a selection of stand-out nuggets you just have to pass on. I would like to share a few of my favorites with you now.

1 - Many Wins Do Not Equal Success

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