Running with the Bulls

A bottom for the January sell-off appears to be behind us. It fell three trading days after the Hybrid Lindsay forecast for a low in the period January 12-15 (Is a Bottom In Sight…). This should be a good week for the bulls. The next forecast for a high is for a week from today, February 1. That forecast is detailed below.

Middle Sections    

Point C of a descending Middle Section on 6/6/07 counts 1,581days to the low of the Basic Cycle on 10/4/11.  1,581 days later is Feb 1.

Point E of a descending Middle Section on 4/10/02 counts 2,522 days to the low of the Multiple Cycle on 3/6/09. 2,523 days later is Monday, Feb 1.

Lindsay Intervals

222-day interval (221-224 days): The high on June 23 counts 223 days Feb 1

107-day interval (102-112 days) counted from the low on Oct 14 counts 110 days to Feb 1.

To get your copy of the January Lindsay Report, click here.




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