Twitter (TWTR) At The Center of Attention

In an impressive show of recent strength, Twitter TWTR has increased approximately 28% since last Thursday’s close.  Taking into considering its most notable fall from post-IP highs, $74.73 in Dec 2013, the company has been discussed among several analysts, portfolio managers and media personalities.  Though the long term impact on the security may not be indicated, we take into consideration several days of news, data, and discussion.

We typically bring up elements of certain catalysts that impact individual stock prices and volume.  Thursday morning, Feb 18, market participants witnessed an interesting and quick response in Twitter, TWTR.  After a detection of insider filings by the company’s CFO and CEO of a combined purchase of 137K shares, the stock showed volume and price volatility in the pre-market.  The insider filings prompted immediate discussion on television networks and numerous social media venues, blogs and forums.

To compound the pre-market activity, option activity in TWTR also surfaced that contributed to intraday strength.  Shortly before 11 AM EST this morning, activity was detected in the JAN 2018 Calls @ 6.15.  The activity was on leaps, long term options.  The stock did see positive momentum following the aforementioned option activity. 

In addition to flow analysis, traders heard positive discussion of the stock from business news personalities and a stake in the security from Steve Ballmer earlier in the week.

Market participants must weigh these recent activities on the heels of Twitters earnings results and numerical statistics on business operations, growth, and subscriber activities.

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