All The News That Fit To Print, Or Not

I don’t know where the nexus of politics and the market lies, but I know it is out there. Money and power are like the moon and the earth – eventually they line up in their orbits around the sun. It appears we might be heading for a full lunar eclipse, as the headline story on Yahoo Finance this morning is …

  • Trump predicts riots if denied Republican presidential nomination.

Immediately below the top story in the “Market News” section yet another politically related story leads …

  • If Donald Trump becomes the next president, stocks will fall 50 percent, according to Wedbush's director of equity sales trading.

Admittedly, Yahoo Finance has become a rag of sorts, but it is still telling that it links the current US political nonsense to financial news. My guess? As this circus keeps rolling toward November, more newsy-type folks will make the link, and another self-fulfilling, market prophecy will come to pass. Maybe not a drop of 50%, but some degree of volatility will occur, no doubt.  Be ready. I’m just sayin’ …

Despite the Reality TV feel to US politics, and its link to the market, there is relevant market news out there. With all major indices in the green so far today, maybe Donald Trump’s hair is not the lead thought for today.

  • Underlying U.S. inflation increased more than expected in February as rents and medical costs maintained their upward trend, which could keep the Federal Reserve on course to gradually raise interest rates this year.

Maybe … Oh! And somebody kicked in a few bucks to push oil higher today. Careful, the legs are shaky. 


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