NKE Heats Up As Housing Cools Off

It appears Nike (NKE) got a bounce today. Maybe the self-lacing shoes gave the stock its lift. Maybe the bounce arrived because spring just sprung. Then again, when a solid company such as Nike falls on the schizophrenia of traders, investors start looking for a well-timed in.

Speaking of spring, that blissful time when the chill of winter gives way to longer and warmer days …

  • February shattered all-time monthly heat records, In addition to being the hottest month ever recorded, February marks the 10th consecutive time a month has broken the all-time heat record for that particular month. 

I am a big believer in finding opportunity before it reveals itself. Cause and effect is often a harbinger of hidden opportunity. My question is: what is the effect of the earth heating so much so fast, aside from the obvious prediction many are now espousing – cataclysm? 

No, I mean, what effect might there be for trading or investment?  Is there a technology company looking at creating water, for example (there is, actually). Or is some company looking at some new energy efficient way to cool our homes, barns, workplaces? Or, maybe, because things are getting so hot, maybe we need a cool drink, something wet, refreshing, and hip like an “el Nino.”

The earth is getting hotter, for sure, and I suspect the market will follow suit, despite the housing market stats that came out today. The US housing market is volatile, and so we get big spikes now and then. Just chill. Let spring unfold, and then the US housing market will heat up again, I suspect.