Forget Oil – Make Money In Graphene

In 1968, “plastics” spoke to the future. In 2016, “graphene” is the word you should pass onto the graduate in your life. 

  • Researchers have created an electronic skin patch that senses excess glucose in sweat and automatically administers drugs by heating up microneedles that penetrate the skin.

The above patch is for Diabetes and it is made of, yes, you guessed it – graphene. The revolutionary uses of graphene stretch from the medical industry to the computer-chip industry, and companies that utilize the resource have come a long way since the 2013 hype wave, Check some of them out.

  • Libya does not plan to attend an April 17 meeting of oil producers about freezing supply to support prices, a Libyan OPEC delegate said on Tuesday, joining fellow OPEC member Iran in snubbing the initiative.

Iran’s oil minister just told us today it would join the above referenced talks when its oil production hits 4-million bpd, and oil hits $70 per barrel. The former is just about 100% more oil than Iran produces today and the latter is, well, a near-term pipe dream. Good luck Iran.

  • A measure of manufacturing activity in the lower U.S. Atlantic region rose in March to its strongest level in nearly six years.

Again, as the weather warms, Europe heals, and China evolves, expect the US economy to heat up again