Look Beyond Delta For Opportunity

It’s Friday, TG, and mid-day the market is showing signs of wanting to hang onto this week’s gains, even though the economic numbers coming out point to a weak Q1. I agree with the market and say, “So what?” Earnings are here. Let’s see how all that turns out.

Oh! Speaking of earnings, how about that Delta …

- Delta (DAL) beats profit estimates even as Brussels bombings hurt revenue.

One upshot of the new era in airline profitability is that consumers will see better times as well.

- Delta Air Lines plans to drop the fee for U.S. consumers who buy tickets over the phone ($25) or at a ticket counter ($35) to make things simpler for customers.

Simpler?  More like a good PR move, as the airlines have a bad rap for nickel and diming customers.  One more thing relative to profitable airlines …

- The U.S. travel industry will continue to grow in 2016, fueled by a strong domestic travel market.   The number of leisure trips taken by Americans will grow by 2.1 percent in 2016.  Overall leisure travel spending will climb 4.0 percent in 2016.

Looking for future earnings opportunity? Check out ancillary travel services such as hotels, rental cars, and restaurants.

Duh Quote Of The Week

“Current forecasting science and predictive models are not yet developed enough to time the market for the next month or quarter.”

            Market Watch

Really? How about tomorrow or next week?