TGIF, Blah, Blah, Blah, And Avoid Ultimate Software (ULTI)

I love Friday. I feel good and want to have fun, but, first … 

- The Federal Reserve will keep interest rates steady at its policy meeting next week.

- Oil prices rose on Friday towards $45 a barrel, heading for a third straight week of gains.

- International concern about the health of China’s economy has been fading from view as data showed an improving picture.

To raise or not to raise rates, is, well trite. It is so mixed into the batter the cake will no longer rise or fall when it actually happens again, or doesn’t. Just writing that shows how nonsensical it is to keep talking about this. As it is with the second item in the list – oil – so I won’t.

China has issues, but it is no longer the economy. Credit, debt, and the Shanghai Composite are the boogeymen. Maybe any or all will turn out to be a market killer, but, for now, understand the talking heads bring these up from time to time, and have been for years.

Scott Scherr, CEO of Ultimate Software Group (ULTI – $195 share), made $38.3 million last year, which is more than the company itself made (2015 net income = $22 million), which leads me to the …

Duh Quote of the Week

“We avoided this stock for a long time because we find the compensation policy to be somewhat egregious … we just wish their compensation practices were a little more rational.” – Motley Fool