Profit From The Tug Of War In Gold Now

Gold prices have been range bound for 2 months but a golden opportunity may be just around the corner.

Gold prices have been oscillating between the high-volume area resistance zone at 1249.8 – 1271.9 and the short-term high-volume area support at 1224.  A move beyond either of these zones would be a signal that the bulls or bears had gained the upper hand.

Click here to watch a video explaining how to read markets using volume at price.

There remains lower support at 1204.7 if prices were to decline below 1224.  Any breach of 1204.7 would signal a large degree bearish shift.  Alternatively, on any move above 1271.9, the bias would shift to bullish targeting 1293.3 and 1307.8 next.




The Gold/Silver Ratio Looks Vulnerable Now

May Silver closed at its highest level of calendar year 2016 on Tuesday, at $16.22.  It’s up nearly 5.5%...

April 13, 2016