Does Market Share Matter?

- Samsung, in contrast to Apple, reported a 14 percent rise in net profit on strong sales of its new Galaxy S7 smartphones.

How about that Samsung? Picking up where Apple fell off. Market share.

How about that FB? Mobile ads? Note: My teen and his friends think FB is stupid. Snap Chat and Instagram for them.

- Wall Street opened lower on Thursday after the Bank of Japan stunned markets by holding off from expanding monetary stimulus, showing yet again how vulnerable markets are to central bank decisions.

Blah, Blah, Blah … As of this writing, the market is not acting so stunned or vulnerable, especially the NASDAQ. Thanks FB.

- You wouldn't know it from their stock prices, but the U.S. tobacco giants are faced with the reality that their products -- at least the traditional kind, cigarettes -- are losing popularity.

Buying into tobacco is not my thing, but there might be an opportunity coming down the road, sooner rather than later. Look to California this November, as the 8th largest economy in the world, with a population of roughly 35 million, most likely will legalize pot. As well, consider there is a potential $45 billion of annual demand in the whole of the US and state after state is now seriously looking at the tax revenue from the gold of pot. Think pipeline (pun intended) – distribution, ad knowhow, and point of sale location – gas stations.