Markets Developing From Yet Another Socio-Cultural Shift?

Nothing like a good headline to make you click …

- The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age

An interesting read that leads you to thinking about the changes coming relative to social media. The “yungins” of the world care little for that “ancient” commenting-in-a-box technology, such as FB, this we know. What we don’t know are the opportunities developing from this socio-cultural transformation.

- Mobile has changed how we view digital identity. With a connected camera televising our life in-the-moment, accumulated information takes a back seat to continual self-expression.

It is all coming down to the moment and visual expression of thought is the meme moving forward. Are we talking camera watches, Google Glass, and ISPs? It is all about the camera and bandwidth transmission, ultimately.

- I may be the result of everything I’ve done, but I’m not the accumulation of it.

Snapchat exemplifies the above mindset, which leads me to a thought – aside from Snapchat, what young and/or old companies are taking advantage of this cultural-technological shift? 

- Department store giants Macy's and Kohl's missed earnings this week, and other retailers are unlikely to fare much better.

Brick and mortar stores are not … Amazon is eating up the retail world. To think they used to just be an online bookstore not making any money.

Duh Quote of the Week

"Companies have been very negative on their own earnings when they're giving guidance," said a research analyst at Thomson Reuters. "They've been really trying to push the bar down."

Okay, so did you just figure this out?