The Coming Economic Collapse

The Equity Management Academy (EMA), monthly update predicts a coming global economic collapse after which hard assets, such as precious metals, may be the only assets worth holding.

The current system is built on debt. EMA said, central bankers “Want to spread the debt” and Millennials are their next target. EMA said, “Visa plans to add infinitely more debt to the Millennials, who are working as bartenders, waiters, or not working at all.” Visa estimates that all those minimum-wage jobs add up to $8.3 trillion. Millennials use their cards for 57% of their spending, which makes them an attractive target. Visa’s goal is to “market and sell credit to Millennials,” with the focus on “how great credit is.” The hope is that “they will go out, use credit cards and increase their debt. Will it work? Probably not,” because many just don’t have the money even to pay the interest on debt.

EMA predicted that Fannie and Freddie Mae “are not going to survive” and they will have to go back to the Treasure for bailouts. Since 2008, “nothing has changed,” EMA said. “All they did was create this gigantic illusion with all these bubbles to convince everyone that it is different,” but “It is much worse.”  After $4 trillion in foreclosures and all those people who lost their jobs and who never got back on their feet, the economy is in far worse shape today than before 2008.

EMA predicted coming layoffs, especially in the tech sector. Some experts are predicting up to 217,000 tech layoffs in 2016 with Semantic laying off 2,800, Yahoo 3,500, EMC 14,000, Sysco 14,000, Microsoft 18,000, HP 72,000, and IBM 95,000. The layoffs, the EMA predicted, are going to “rip” the economy apart.

The EU is pushing the idea that they’re in a complete recovery, but they recently slashed their growth from 1.7% to 1.6%. China’s manufacturing contracted for the 14th straight month because other countries aren’t buying. The Baltic dry index is down to 682 and back on the downward trend. Clients of Bank of America were net sellers for the 14th consecutive week, selling $2.8 billion worth of stocks, the longest uninterrupted selling streak since 2008.

Last month, in a secret meeting of executives from financial firms, a new technology firm called Chain proposed transforming the US dollar into pure digital form, like Bitcoin. The Report said, “This way they can start the process of becoming a cashless society. This is exactly what they want.” In a cashless society, if there is a crash, then people can’t make a run on banks to get their cash, because cash doesn’t exist.

EMA said, “We are already in a recession/depression, and we are heading toward a collapse.” Investment in business structure is falling and consumption is not growing. Retail sales have fallen every month this quarter. Some 60% of those interviewed by Gallup believe the US economy is getting worse. Workers under 30 earn the same pay adjusted for inflation as 30 year olds earned in 1984. For three consecutive quarters, lending standards have been getting tighter, which is “Another indicator that we are heading into a full-blown collapse. . ..This economy, right now, is doomed.”

EMA said that gold is being suppressed, but that gold will not be suppressed as much as it has gone up. The rising price of gold is “A signal telling us that they are losing control of the gold market, of the silver market, of the entire system.” EMA predicted that more people will start to put their currency in hard assets, such as precious metals. “As a lot more start to do this,” EMA predicted, “that is when gold is really going to start to move up. . ..Once it crashes, you aren’t going to be able to get gold.” EMA recommended that every time gold goes up, to wait for the suppression to lower the price and then make your purchase. EMA recommended doing this as gold rises until it reaches a point when the supply is used up and there is no more gold available.

By Patrick MontesDeOca