Morphing Technology Creates New Opportunity – Find It

Can you say, “volatile?” The market is seeking its level – time for research.

- What lies ahead is a period of extreme disruption in which most of what we’ve come to expect from technology is becoming undone. What replaces it will be truly new and different.

Investors and traders are in the prediction business, so the future is now in the market. It is not what is, but what will be.

- Over the next decade, as information technology fades into the background, second order technologies, such as genomics, nanotechnology and robotics will take center stage.

“The times they are a changing.” Always true, but now the time horizon for major shifts is so much smaller and the impact is so much greater in every realm, including the market. Yes, we are leaving the Information Age and morphing into …

- Digital technology is beginning to power new areas, such as genomics, nanotechnology and robotics, that are already having a deep impact on such fields as renewable technology, medical research and logistics.

Where to begin and what to do? Finding opportunity is easy in an ever-expanding market. Finding opportunity in the future market requires work, so where to begin, then? First, educate yourself. Understand the big picture.

Second, work toward the concrete – learn the markets.

Third, dig deeper to find companies doing what is coming. Zero in on the companies doing what is coming well. It ain’t easy, but making money in the market is not either, despite what charlatans and snake-oil sales folks tell you.