Market Madness, Data Dump

There’s panic on the Street. OMG! The Fed will probably raise rates in June. Run for the hills. The market is doomed …


- The number of Americans filing for unemployment aid fell from a 14-month high last week, the latest sign that the economy was regaining speed after stumbling in the first quarter.

The only way the Fed raises rates in June is if the US economy is looking to gain traction over the next year, so if the market is panicking, it must mean …

- Walmart sales at U.S. stores open at least a year rose 1.0 percent, excluding fuel price fluctuations. That marked the seventh straight quarterly rise. Store visits rose 1.5 percent in the first quarter.

Yep, it means Walmart is doing better than Target, which means two-thirds of the US consumer base are spending money. Dang! It must be the rampant movement to increase the minimum wage.

Everybody chillax. The market will be just fine. Keep in mind, opportunity to make money abounds in the fast moving, ever-changing digital-business world. Ya just gotta find it.

- Virtual agents powered by artificial intelligence are one of the major new battlegrounds for consumer technology.

As an interesting aside … Amazon is morphing into something scary big, you know, like Google.

- Amazon is about to enter the $80 billion food market, and it could release its own food products as early as the end of this month.

BTW … The sooner the better on raising rates. The market needs to move on.