What Everybody Is Missing About the Brexit Vote

On Friday I had an email from one of my followers asking me if this was for real, they were so shocked by the outcome of the Brexit referendum.

The fact that the question was asked highlights to me the difficulty people have with understanding the background of why the referendum happened in the first place.

They think Brexit is first and foremost a political issue when the reality actually goes way deeper.

I have often spoken about the cyclical nature of life:

Evolution is another word for cycles. Cycles evolve in the same manner in ever area of life in our universe. Whether we are dealing with human development, the growth of a flower, or a planet, and even the weather, the same basic universal laws apply. These laws express themselves in the nature pertaining to the energy of the human, the plant, the animal or the planet or any other life form.

One law pertaining to all of existence is that existence is spiritual in nature and not material.

The spiritual nature of things that I am talking about has nothing to do with religion, rather it is the expression of the form through the different energies, visible and invisible are expressed in a way that we can recognise them via people or events.

Yet, it is not the events which cause anything to happen, rather it is the “spiritual nature of the energy behind them. That energy is not seen, yet it is more real than life itself.

The big delusion most people have fallen prey to is the belief that events in themselves have power when actually the spiritual energy behind the events is the power:

Most people do not have the faintest idea of the meaning of spirituality and they do not understand universal law. This fact creates many a skewed view of life, be that in business, politics, economics or relationships. It is all encompassing and all pervasive.

Until people begin to understand that this lack of understanding is at the root cause of all human challenges the challenges will continue.

It really doesn’t matter whether you think Brexit in was good, Brexit our out was good.

It matters though that you finally get that cycles have more power than events. Cycles are the energy that creates the events. They are not physical, they are the spiritual manifestation that happens before the physical manifestation. There are some being who understand this and know how to manipulate this energy. Most of you do not belong to that group, make no mistake.

All said and done cycles are just the way in which energy expresses itself and presents itself in a from that humans can observe and “play” with. In this sense each event, each circumstance is a chance to learn more about how reality works. It is the universe’s gift to humankind so that it can grow and recognise itself in the mirror and hopefully learn something…

Ah, learning, the thing we have the greatest difficulty with

It is true that most people learn very slowly, if at all. The majority of people think once they are done with school and university that’s it. They are fully formed and equipped to meet life head on.

If only. Life evolves constantly. Movement is the very essence of life, while stillness is its death. Life is in every moving particle, no matter how minute that particle may be.

The above sentence, when you get it contains all you need to know in order to conduct your life successfully in alignment with universal forces.

It took me decades to fully understand this and work it into a formula that helped me lead my life with emotional maturity and  control over my perceived shortcomings, of which there are many, rest assured.

The Brexit vote really only proved on thing: The cycle is on target.

The collapse of the troubled European Union is near. How it will unfold is conjecture. No doubt the players will do their utmost to keep kitting the broken pot.

That attitude too is human nature.

Alas the cycle we are in is transiting into a new cognitive awareness. The painful transition we are experiencing wherever we look is calling us to step beyond the old cognitive abilities and embrace new ones.

To do this while still living your life as you have always done is the challenge. Everyone must meet this challenge in all areas of their lives. Brexit was just another reminder of where humankind is in the bigger cycle of things.

Learning how to align with the energy of cycles is vital today, not just for your trading but to enable you to not just survive but thrive in a live where change is going to be the dominant force for some years to come.






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