Trading Psychology: The Ghost Of 9/11

When three bombs went off in the New York area last week end old memories were triggered.

In a consultation one of my clients, a professional New York trader said how the bombings so close to the 9/11 anniversary triggered his emotions of that day 15 years ago as if it had happened today.

He, like so many other traders and financial professionals had lost friends and colleagues in 9/11.

My client and I continued to examine the emotions around the event and it soon became clear how this trauma which had not been deal with had affected his trading and his self worth without his conscious awareness ever since.

After the powerful consultation I mentioned the beautiful work my client and I had just done to my partner, a trader who at the time of 9/11 worked for Cantor Fitzgerald in both the London offices and the New York offices.

I never speak about my clients to him, or anyone else for obvious reasons, however this day was different. It was almost as if a higher force was begging me to do so.

My partner was in Cantor’s London office talking to colleagues in the New York office when the aeroplanes hit the building. He never talked much about the details of the horror until now when he recalled many details integrating memories that from over 15 years in the process.

I felt that on that day I unwittingly had facilitated perhaps the most important work I had done in over 10 years of coaching professional traders. There was a very strong energy which I feel certain where the many souls from 9/11 who also had been waiting to be heard in a different way. It felt like they were thanking me and my two traders for having the courage to let go in a loving way, leaving judgement behind.

The effects of suppressed trauma on our lives are still widely underrated, so strong is the brain’s conditioning to keep the status quo at all cost.

To be able to go into a trauma which trauma victims often do not even realise they hold, is the biggest gift one can give as a coach to anyone.

There is no doubt that the financial industry is still suffering from the unreleased energies of 9/11.

Probably every financial professional working in America as a trader, broker, market maker, in the back offices, will have lost someone close to them during that day.

The senselessness and brutality of the events are too much for untrained minds to fully comprehend and deal with, hence the mind enters into protection mode blocking out the full impact of the trauma.

Unusually it takes another trigger of major proportions for the emotions to come up to the surface again. Being able to turn to someone with experience in trauma work to facilitate release is a life boat that can return purpose and joy to the person who experienced trauma, who often only realises the full extend of how much joy of living they lost until the release is achieved.

Today the universal energies are assisting us more than ever in releasing stuck, dense energies of past horrors if we are willing and ready.

The financial industry will transform into a kinder more open and more humane industry simply through the individual’s ability to deal with their emotions. This is a fact which, the more professionals get it and act on it will bring more profound transformation than anything else.



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