Candorado Oper Ltd (CVE:CDO), (PINK:CDOOF) Stock Is Rushed on REE Companies' “Remapping”

CDO_price_chart.jpgYesterday, Candorado Oper Ltd (CVE:CDO), (PINK:CDOOF) stock exploded on a press release by the company about an agreement for a 100% interest in certain mineral claims in the Wicheeda Carbonatite Belt.

The news that the company will have interests in the heart of a REE metals area resulted in more than a gold rush for its shares.

On the TSX Venture Exchange, CDO surged 30.77% within a day in a volume of more than 11.7 million shares. The company's stock closed the market at $0.085 per share, hinting at a new 52-week high.

On the American OTC market, CDOOF price increase was over-appreciated by investors. On the news, the share price jumped 95.56% up, like to emphasize the new passion of investors for the REE metals potential.

During the last months, not only gold exploration companies are in sight of investors. It looks like the new and modern term in the coming years will be not just "gold rush", but "REE metals rush".

CDO_from_the_site.pngA large number of companies involved in the new and modern REE rush have already stuck flags on the map of some promising properties, but it is also clear that willingness alone is not enough to do that kind of business.[BANNER]

According to experts, the opening of a new REE mine requires to overcome some significant hurdles, in addition to the needed capital for the development of the mine. Some of them are the set of permits that have to be obtained, along with adequate infrastructure like electricity and water. Then comes the costly and complex procedure known as beneficiation. In its special report related to REE, STRATFOR explains the beneficiation as a process used to separate the chemically similar rare earth metals from the rest of the ore it was mined with.

So, maybe some investors still ask the question "If yesterday just a press release on Candorado Oper Ltd acquiring a 100% interest in mineral claims with REE potential provoked such a stir for the shares, what can be expected later?"

Who knows, the future and the remapped by the strong competition REE companies' map will show what happens.


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