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Listen to the Perry Kaufman Superfecta - all four parts - Hear it here!

You can hear all four parts of the Friends and Quinto podcast featuring rocket scientist turned systematic trading guru and best selling author, Perry Kaufman. To hear it, just click on the red button below or go to the iTunes Store and search for Jeff Quinto.

Part One - Perry Kaufman talks about his background and the proper use of computers in systematic trading

Part Two - How to get started in systematic trading, trends and the need for a sound premise in trading

Part Three - Perry talks about risk and diversification in futures trading.

Part Four - Perry talks about the best use of a systematic futures trader’s time and effort


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About the Author

Jeff Quinto is a 37-year veteran futures trader and a world-class trading coach. He has coached hundreds of electronic futures traders from Hong Kong, France, Slovenia, England, Australia, the US and Canada.

Jeff strongly believes that professional traders are world-class competitors, comparable to professional golfers, top tennis players, and Olympic athletes. None of these elite competitors could have achieved their top-ranked status without first having a world-class coach.

Jeff is that world-class coach for futures traders.

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