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S&P Smallcap 600 Pure Value Guggenheim

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Name Last Change Percent Links
DJ Transportation Average Ishares 151.4 unch unch
Shipping Guggenheim 22.24 unch unch
DJ US Aerospace & Defense Ishares 106.38 unch unch
Name Last Change Percent Links
Ultrashort Health Care Proshares 19.66 unch unch
Ultra Health Care Proshares 101.38 unch unch

ETFs Articles

Conquer Emotions: Layer In Positions

A big part of being successful in the stock market, is controlling your emotions. Your emotions will have you making the wrong decisions 99% of the time.  If you think about it, have you ever made a good decision when you were emotional? I am talking...

S&P 500: Price And Time Have Converged

As a trader I'm always looking for an edge. I've learned I cannot outsmart the market, so I look for clues on when and where the market should pull back and where to be a dip buyer. Over the past 18 years, I have learned many tricks that have kept me on...

Crude Oil Enters Key Demand Zone

NYMEX crude oil futures trended nicely higher in the first half of the year and then suffered a rout starting the end of June. I don't see any screaming evidence that the larger uptrend is over. And the recent decline has brought crude to a demand zone...

For Phase I of Markets re-design, we are introducing simple OHLC bar charts with a volume histogram.

To adjust the period and scale of the chart, use the "slider" bar which appears underneath the Volume histogram frame. If the slider frame is not appearing, you may need to adjust the 'Zoom' view of your internet browser or adjust your screen resolution to a lower resolution.

By dragging the start and end arrows of the slider bar to the left and right, you can easily adjust the date range.

Features planned for Phase II will include a selection of chart types and a technical indicator library with the ability to define a custom date range for the chart data.

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