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Trades for today are in the Elizabeth Arden-RDEN stock and in the Forex market the USD/MXN cross pair


Trades For September 1, 2015

Trades for today are in the Integrated Device Technology-IDTI stock and in the Forex market the AUD/NZD cross pair.

Forex Weekly Outlook

A complete look at the week ahead including a review of the main currency, equity and commodity futures and how they will affect trading in the Forex market for the week of Augu...

Stock Strategies - DIA, SPY, BABA AAPL

Jerremy Newsome gives his thoughts on AAPL, BABA and the general market. He also gives us an idea of what he's upto t

Managing Trades with VantagePoint's Predicted Triple Crossover


In this video, I demonstrate how traders can use the VantagePoint Triple Crossover to manage trades.  The triple crossover is comprised of 3 predicted moving averages that are u...

Stock Strategies - DIA, SPY, BABA

Jerremy Alexander Newsome goes over the SPY, DIA, BABA and also discusses why this market pull back (or future bearish move) might be the fastest and scariest one ever...

Trading When You Shouldn't -- Keys to Successfully Trading the Open

In this webinar recording, Peter Davies reveals strategies for trading in the first few minutes following a markets open. It's become “conventional wisdom” to not place trades ...

Trades for August 26, 2015

Trades for today are in the ChipMOS Global-IMOS stock and in the Forex market the GBP/USA currency pair.

Stock Strategies - AAPL, SPY, DIA, BABA

After a HUGE drop in the markets, Jerremy Alexander Newsome does his best to cover his thoughts and sentiments regarding the SPY, DIA and others!

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