This is more of a musical recommendation than any financial nugget of wisdom, but it made my ears perk up while I was listening to the song “Tables and Chairs” by Andrew Bird earlier and I thought I’d share. Now Bird is one of those artists in my ipod that every time I scroll past his name I wonder why I don’t listen to him more often, because when I listen I’m amazed at what a talented musician he is and how magical each of his songs can be. If you’ve never heard his music and are a lover of all things obscure, definitely check him out and. I would start with the album“Armchair Apocrypha as it’s a little more assessable for first time listeners.

As I was listening to him today some lyrics jumped out at me and I had to check the release date of the album “Mysterious Production of Eggs”, which turned out to be 2005. In this song he unknowingly predicts the financial collapse in 08′ and had he been more popular at the time it would have saved millions of Americans their retirement plans. Ok, maybe that’s just wishful thinking…lol.

andrew bird

 Take a listen for yourself and peruse the lyrics below, but take solace in the following. Even though the financial world as we know it has melted down, countries collapes, and currencies fail, according to Andrew there will be ponies to ride, dancing bears and the new trading commodities will be butterfly knives and pharmacuetical psychostimulants.  But most importantly, there will be snacks!


if we can call them friends we can call them on red telephones
and they won’t pretend that they’re too busy or they’re not alone
if we can call them friends we can call
holler at ‘em down these hallowed halls
but we can’t let the human factor fail to be a factor at all

don’t you worry
about the atmosphere
or any sudden pressure change

’cause I know
that it’s starting
to get warm in here
and things are
starting to get strange

and did you
did you see how
all our friends were there
drinkin’ roses from the can

how I wish I
I had talked to them
and wished they
fit into my plan

and we were tired of being mild
oh so tired of being mild
we were so tired

I know we’re gonna meet someday in the crumbled financial institutions of this land
there will be tables and chairs
pony rides and dancing bears
there’ll even be a band
’cause listen after the fall there’ll be no more countries
no currencies at all
we’re gonna live on our wits
throw away survival kits
trade butterfly knives for adderal

and that’s not all
there will be snacks, there will
there will be snacks!