1-2-3 chart pattern is a trend reversal chart pattern indicating the reversal of an existing trend. The formation usually occurs at the end of a strong trend. 1-2-3 pattern occurs frequently in trending markets and is considered very reliable. There are bullish and bearish variations for this pattern.

1-2-3 formation starts from a big price movement in the direction of an existing trend to form a highest-high/lowest-low (point 1), then the price reverses for a correction (point 2), then again turns back to retest the support/resistance (point 3) and finally the price reverses and breaks through to start a new trend. The point 3 should not reach or exceed the point 1 level; if it reaches 1, then the pattern is not considered a valid one.

Bullish 1-2-3 chart pattern or 1-2-3 buy pattern forms at the end of an existing downtrend. The price first falls, then starts reversing, but falls again to form point 3 and then reverses and breaks free to form a new uptrend. Bearish 1 2 3 pattern or 1-2-3 sell pattern forms at the end of an existing uptrend. The price first forms a highest high, then starts falling but rises from point 3 and then reverses and breaks free to form a new downtrend.

1-2-3 chart pattern is easy to trade and supports both short-term and long-term trading. The breakout is confirmed when the price breaks the range created in between point 1 and 2. Traders can enter trades when breakout is confirmed.

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