How to stop eur-usd, there´s no way it seems at least if you go out. Waves are unclear for me, but while went out it seems not to be good idea to leave positions for it, you just cannot trade blind  if you´re off nor matter is it overnight of overevening. That´s funny pair, really seems to bring more surprizes me every day.

Back to scalping mode and fixed allready some losses to short 15 pips plus long 15 pips with more sizy positions + with EurJpy long. 1,3668 for EurUsd is 78.6% from previous HS pattern top also, if it goes throw it terminates also small B wave in here. This reminds me a bit yesterday situation in asian market, tick might park in here longer before achieving more.

Only fact I know for EurUsd is that HS bottom was .618 again. I propably should learn buy those HS pattern more often and not only shorting them because you can do actually both with them.