Next week will be the last week for our very profitable portfolio, that started with $100,000 on April 10th.

This portfolio has already made 19% in 16 weeks and many members wanted tostart a new one from scratch. So, by popular demand, we will be restarting a brand new portfolio the week after options expiration, also with $100,000 and also a hedged portfolio butthis time withthe goal of drawing a monthly income. I got this idea when I went down to Florida last week and spoke to many people who asked me about their investing accounts. Many of these “safe” accounts had been cut in half or worse and the returns they were producing were coming in at 5% year – if that and people were counting on this money for their monthly expenses. I spoke to many people with $1M in the bank who were living off $50,000 a year in interest and dividends!

Using options and good hedging strategies, we have been able to produce a returnin our virtual portfolioof 19% in just 16 weeks (12% cash, 7% unrealized). I’m not advocating someone take a whole $1M and shift it to stocks and optionsbut, if you can make 20% on $200,000 while your other $800,000 makes a “safe“5%, your annual income goes from $50,000 to $80,000 – that’s alot of early-bird specials! I will, of course, be happy to answer any adjustment questions on this portfolio anytime during chat but we will no longer be tracking it weekly or making new plays. The goals of the new portfolio will be similar and the new trade ideas can be applied whether you are looking to draw an income orjust start building long-term set of holdings for reinvestment.

In the last $112,007 Portfolio Update, from July 28th, we remainedbullish and it really paid off with another$2,117 in unrealized gains ($6,690 not included in above total) as wemade a very well-timed bottom call the week beforeand ran with it.We have haven’thad to call an “audible”in two weeks, sticking to our plan as the market heldup nicely.

The firstfew weeks after you sell options are usually the worst and the rising VIX had boosted the premiums of the puts and calls we sold but none of that matters because we played a little more aggressive to the upside and, despite losing $3,080 on our covers, we are still way ahead of goals. As usual, we are…
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