The CL short fired this morning. Currently the position is a little in the money.

No other positions are open. I adjusted the Gold re-entry to the real 60 day high (930.something).I think it’s mostly I don’t feel like dealing with getting thrashed quite so quickly(That said, Silver is quite close to re-entry).

Tomorrow is the crude inventory report. Here’s a 1 minute chart of what these beasts look like:

30 ET

See that bit in the middle?Not pleasant.This chart isn’t even a particularly volatile example, only swinging $1.10 ($1100/contract) in 3 minutes.Anyway, probably I’ll deactivate my orders around this time.

I don’t trade off these short term charts, I trade off daily data:

Crude, daily

Not sure how well this shows up.That odd, choppy looking channel outside the prices is the Donchian Channel. That’s the breakout.(The other lines are moving averages).

That’s all I’ve got for now.