I feel like I should post something more than, “Up 5.3% on the DELL strangle;” but, that’s all I have. I might post something else if I get through this book I have to read for class (or if I procrastinate and find myself reading interesting crap on the web). Anyway, check out some of the links to the bottom right. I have been adding to them every time I come across a site that I like. None of them are crap, I guarantee it.

Yeah, the video above borders on terrible. But it was most necessary. (There was another video called Party Like it’s 1929, but the guy who made it was just a little too egocentric and nauseating for a link here.)

And here’s the Motley Fool’s take on the 25 years it took the DJIA to recoup the losses it sustained during the 1929 crash. All I can say is, hope you didn’t need that money for anything in the next 5 years; and!, I hope you don’t plan to make any interest on it for the next 5 years either.

So much for the whole 8% (or 10%+) return rate that seems to be factored into so many pension/retirement plans. Click here, for instance.