At least they´re beautifull, cannot deny it.

SPX and Eur-Usd. Deep fall night after night. If previous bottom will get broken without doing doublebottom, I think SPX will do the same, meaning market would be no kidding anymore with SPX800 area which has gave a lot of temporary upside reversals at so far. In that case I need to serious think W3/5 sepaku wave down would follow and most important big W4 is behind allready as well as W1/5.

Mentioned earlier with mass-destruction bear wedges post that SPX wedge will propably overlap (overthrow) and it certainly did approximately 24 points. I had a little hope that cup&handle could come real, but yesterday key level was broken also, better to stay with more accurate ew patterns – they seems to work like a dream factory. However, there seems to be some Ok stocks still in the air like Amazon with SMA50 line.