Are you looking for new ways to save money?  If so, you’re not alone. During these turbulent economic times, every dollar counts.  I have recently come across a couple of “new” sites that can save you cash. Here are 4 sites that you may not know about that can help you save money.

SmartyPig is an online piggybank that lets friends, family members, and other users contribute to your savings goals. SmartyPig is currently paying 2.01% interest on savings accounts. This is the highest rate that I have found for any savings account anywhere.

New York movers can save money on moving expenses using Citymove. CityMove is a reverse auction site that allows you to auction off your move. Just enter your job information and movers will bid on your job.   Review the ratings of movers and select the most reliable mover with lowest rate. 

Spoofee is an online forum where users post the best deals online everyday. Spoofee contains daily coupon codes, promotional deals and weekly specials from select retailers. You can also find free samples, freebies, and giveaways on the site.

Priceprotectr helps you keep track of prices for items that you are considering buying and purchases that you have recently made. Priceprotectr will email you when the price for an item drops. Priceprotectr shows you how to get a rebate on purchases whose price has dropped within the price protection period.

Photo by: Tony Crider