Bought some puts for Costco. Read the Buy on the Dip post and agree with him. If it can break 50 there’s a good chance it will hit 43 or lower.

Been posting on Twitter and messing around. I can’t believe how tired I am at the moment. Been doing some workouts to get into some sort of physical shape. Hoping it will help keep my mind and emotions in shape as well. Trying to think of ways to make a little money on this site, which rarely pan out. Few people, very few people, click on the ads which is understandable–I don’t get that many hits. I am going to increase my participation in other sites. I know I how rewarding it is to get a comment on a post; I’ll try to do that for others. I’ve been looking at some of the twitter ad services, and seeing what type of deals they offer. Twittad and Magpie seem to be the way to go. Not sure if you can really make any decent money, but every dollar builds confidence levels.

Take care everyone.

PS: Might head off to see a movie later in the afternoon. Milk looks like an interesting flick. Gus van Sant is a veritable indie god, and while some may poke fun at his movie Last Days, Elephant and his main stream Good Will Hunting certainly make up for any of his more experimental films (to those who do not like the experimental).