I started out the day reading the first lesson in Dr. Brett’s new book, and I was the most prepped and mentally centered I had been in months.

After a bunch of trades that ended me scratching in the day, I was frustrated with not making money, so I entered a fast moving stock, and bought and sold at the wrong end of the pendulum like three times. The last trade, I gave it a buck stop and then left my office. I shorted on the very bottom and got-stopped out by seven cents for a $200 loss. I was long AIG at $17 but did not give it the same space, it’s trading at $19 now!

Anyway, I have a family vacation planned in a couple weeks. I’m just going to take the rest of the month off completely from trading and blogging.

I’m planning on paper trading in September and maybe returning to the real account in October.

I will do one more post called “Blog-Cation” in the next couple days so this is not my August Tombstone post, but otherwise, I’ll see you in September as I’m taking a break from everything market related.